Lakenya Kelly is an art director and creative director with 8+ years of experience in photo production, content marketing, event planning, web design, and publishing. Starting his young career with an internship at PR powerhouse PR consulting working for names like Versace and Rag & Bone, Kelly soon finds himself in the offices of Conde Naste's Vogue

During his time at alma matter Cornell University, Lakenya uses his background in Applied Economics and Business Management to launch a leading independent print/digital fashion magazine, The Dapifer. Continuing his professional development, Kelly joins fashion tech company Fashion GPS, now Launchmetrics. 2 years later, Kelly advances his career further, and is appointed Senior Account Manager at Influencer Marketing platform, BrandBacker.

Inspired by the huge success of his publication, The Dapifer, Kelly departs his post at BrandBacker and dives deeper into all things digital publishing. Finally able to refine his production skills, Lakenya picks up valuable skills such as coding and advanced web design. 

Armed with a keen understanding of content production across digital and online platforms, Lakenya Kelly is currently available for new freelance, contract, and full-time positions. Questions or have a project? Contact here.